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    1. OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts
    2. White Men as Full Diversity Partners
    3. Building on the Promise of Diversity
    4. Making Diversity Work: 7 Steps for Defeating Bias in the Workplace
    5. White Men as Full Diversity Partners
      Diversity Partnership: Tips for White Men

    <b>HISPANIC: We Became Mexican American: How Our Immigrant Family Survived to Pursue the American Dream  (WBMA)</b><br> HISPANIC: We Became Mexican American: How Our Immigrant Family Survived to Pursue the American Dream (WBMA)

    By Carlos B. Gil (The GilDeane Group, 2014 revised edition), 422pp, hardbound, softbound, e-book.

    We Became Mexican American is an award-winning book! It recounts the story of a Mexican family that emigrates to the United States in the 1920s and settles against all odds to pursue the American Dream in southern California. The book tells the story of real-life characters you'll remember.

    Some of the highlights of the book:
    • Reviews what the Latino immigration experience was for the author's family,
    • Reminds the reader that leaving the home country can be a painful experience,
    • Reconsiders the cultural shock of arriving in the U.S. for the first time including the difficulties of raising children in a new culture,
    • Describes the difficulty of finding jobs in a depressed economy,
    • Recounts the search for a place to settle and take root in the U.S., Unveils the cultural conflicts inside the family as the children began growing up,
    • Describes living in a Mexican barrio near Los Angeles, California, and
    • Discusses the process of becoming Mexican American.

    The author weaves colorful family testimonials into a beguiling cloth that portrays the tireless efforts to stay alive economically: picking oranges and lemons, grubbing streams in preparation for winter floods, harvesting fruits and vegetables, and operating a mom-and-pop tortilla making business--the strategies to survive and pursue the American dream. The author admits the "great sense of therapy" he experienced in writing this collective family memoir.

    This new book contains a map, photographs, three Appendices, end notes, an index, and Study Questions. Comments are included in the Afterword about the author's hometown today and the state of Latinos at the present time.

    This is a "must read" to gain greater understanding of the broader immigrant experience in the United States.

    About the Author: Carlos B. Gil is an Emeritus Professor of History of the University of Washington and Publisher of DiversityCentral.com. He lives in Seattle with his family.
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    Mentorship: A Pathway to Career Success Mentorship: A Pathway to Career Success

    Dr. Rita Boags, acclaimed expert on mentoring, presents, Mentorship: A Pathway to Career Success, a comprehensive resource that is relevant to all industries and job titles. The book draws primarily from the feedback of hundreds of mentor/mentee pairs in formal programs and interviews with informal mentoring partners. The interviews represent a wide range of job categories and employees at many levels in a variety of industries, businesses and public service agencies. A great item to pick up to get started on a mentoring program!

    Purchase this book for $12.95
    OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts

    Regardless of your job title, you need to communicate with others to be successful. If you want to communicate respect through your message so that you can help build a workplace where all individuals feel included, this book is for you!

    Purchase this book for $12.95
    The Consistent Consumer The Consistent Consumer

    By Ken Beller, Steve Weiss, and Louis Patler (LTS Press, 272 pages)

    Behavior-based demographics are dead. Instead, values-based systems are what will ensure the success of your next marketing campaign. The authors of The Consistent Consumer say values, not past behaviors, will help you better define and understand today's diverse consumer groups and more accurately anticipate how these distinct populations are likely to behave in the future-and what they are likely to buy as a result.

    Ken Beller, Steve Weiss, and New York Times best-selling author Louis Patler offer a values-based profiling system with five proprietary Value Populations you can use to quickly and effectively shape marketing strategy and increase the impact if your brand. With The Consistent Consumer as your guide, you'll learn how to: make and instant connection with consumers, increase sales by learning what really drives consumer spending, enhance market share with products that speak to core values, motivate groups more effectively with customized messages, and influence consumer buying decisions for years to come. The authors offer successful case studies from industries such as quick-serve restaurants, home improvement, and sports and entertainment, along with dozens of sales, marketing, and management insights that will teach you how a values-based system will help you brand your product at a much deeper, more enduring, and ultimately more consistently profitable level.

    Published: April 20, 2007
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    White Men as Full Diversity Partners <br>
<i>Diversity Partnership: Tips for White Men</i> White Men as Full Diversity Partners
    Diversity Partnership: Tips for White Men

    At last, a book that puts the invisible partners of diversity, white men, in the spotlight. This paradigm-busting field guide invites white men to step out of the shadows and fully join their organizations? diversity efforts. Because, contrary to popular belief, their engagement is critical to the success of any serious diversity initiative. Only when white men form vital partnerships with other white men, white women and people of color can organizations move from mere pro forma head count increases to a genuinely new, inclusive culture.

    Part of the challenge is understanding where white men are coming from. You?ll learn what white male culture is, and how it affects the white man?s business success.And you may be surprised to find out that despite their dominant position, white men are often overtly excluded from mainstream diversity efforts. That?s not a good thing, because there are powerful reasons why white men should care about ? and invest in ? diversity initiatives (hint: the stakes are much higher than most white men realize). Choosing to get involved in diversity actually helps white men build leadership skills; we?ll show you how. Plus, we outline new ways to smash old barriers so white men can partner more effectively with others.

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