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    Top selling Training Manuals and Toolkits:

    1. The Mentoring Bridge: A Self-Management Guide
    2. Leaders Toolkit on Diversity

    Leaders Toolkit on Diversity
    Available as a PDF File.This is a web-based toolkit on diversity designed for: * leaders * managers * supervisors * anyone who has direct reports. It offers specific actions that individual managers can take to improve their work environment by addressing diversity issues. Any company or organization is free to take this Toolkit and customize it to their environment.
    Published: January 20, 2006
    Purchase this training manual/toolkit for $20.00
    The Mentoring Bridge: A Self-Management Guide The Mentoring Bridge: A Self-Management Guide
    The Mentoring Bridge: A Self-Management Guide to Informal Mentoring Partnerships While formal mentoring programs are getting off the ground in many organizations, there is still a need for informal mentoring. The desire for more people to mentor and be mentored exceeds the actual practice because individuals do not know how to start a mentoring partnership or sustain in. This guide shows both mentors and mentees how to go about informal mentoring in a way that is both logical and self-generated. Special sections on how to manage cross-gender and cross-racial partnerships. The 66- page illustrated guide is presented in workbook fashion with ample space for notes and reader observations. Cost - $ 34.95 each, with volume discounts and customized versions available
    Published: January 1, 2003
    Purchase this training manual/toolkit for $34.95

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